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Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom Vial

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Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom Vial


Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom contacts offer the statement-making effects of cosmetic lenses with the vison-correcting benefits of normal varieties. This collection provides the world’s largest selection of theatrical contact lenses. Eyedia Clearcolor Phantoms come in a wide variety of designs, from solid colors to spider webs to cat eyes and more! Phantom contacts are available in both non- prescription (a.k.a. “Plano”) and prescription-strength lenses. The contacts are manufactured according to the proper KFDA and FDA guidelines. So you can get all the irritation-free advantages of other lenses, Eyedia’s are formulated with Proprietary Special Invert Padding Technology and FDA-approved dyes. With polymacon material and a Multi Curve design, Eyedia Clearcolor Phantom contacts resist tears and keep the wearer feeling great all day long.

Please note that these lenses are not in stock and take 7-10 business days prior to shipping.

{Please make sure to order 2 vials if your Right & Left eyes have different prescription or power. 1 vial per eye}

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