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Optical Prescription Terms:

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OD - Right Eye

OS - Left Eye

Sphere (SPH) - Horizontal curve of the eye’s lens, also known as your prescription power.

Cylinder (CYL) - Indicates astigmatism. Tells the vertical curve of your eye.

Axis: The degree and direction of astigmatism. If you have a cylinder number, then you will have an axis number.


Lens Types:


Single Vision Lenses - Single vision lenses function as all purpose eyeglasses for people that have one prescription to see at all distances.


High Index - Designed for people who require strong prescriptions. These eyeglass lenses are lighter and thinner that the standard lenses.


Polarized Lenses - They reduce glare and are useful for sports and driving.


Transitions - These lenses darken as they are exposed to sunlight. They return to clear when sunlight is no longer present. 
Glasses Frame Measurements - Usually, the size of all glasses frames will be described in three numbers. ___-___-___. The first number is the eye size. The second number is the bridge of the frame. The third number is the temple size. All in millimeters (mm).

Please view How to Read a Prescriptions if you need more help