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Eyedia Precise Monthly Astigmatism (6-pack)

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Eyedia Precise Monthly Astigmatism (6-pack)


Isn’t it time astigmatism sufferers had a lens option that provided all-day comfort, clear vision and improved ocular health? Eyedia Precise for Astigmatism uses revolutionary technology to provide the best lens experience possible. The biocompatible material Hioxifilcon A, combined with Aquagrip ™ Technology, retains 99% of water content even in the driest of atmospheres. The patented dynamically stabilized design uses delta profiles to orient the lens every time you blink.

Featuring an ultra-thin lens design for quick and easy application, Eyedia Precise for Astigmatism boasts refreshing breathability. Furthermore, the advanced aspheric optics optimizes visual acuity over the entire power range, improves contrast sensitivity, and improves depth of focus. Eyedia Precise for Astigmatism contacts give you the clearest vision possible, day and night.

{Please make sure to order 2 boxes if your Right & Left eyes have different prescription or power. 1 box per eye}
Please be advised: Eyedia Precise Monthly is a custom contact that may take up to two weeks to arrive. No trial lenses available. 

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