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U.S. Eyewear The Niki

U.S. Eyewear

U.S. Eyewear The Niki

$19.89 $60.00

U.S. Eyewear Niki Lavander (52mm) Eyeglasses


Featuring a stunning lavender hue, the Niki Lavender option by U.S. Eyeglasses are a stylish example of wire frame glasses. The lavender goes around the rims of the glasses to complement the eyes, while the temples feature golden wire. An eye of 52mm make these frames ideal for those who prefer medium-sized rather than small or oversized glasses; rock this eyewear every day and enjoy how they make a seamless transition from day to night. Send your prescription to Eyeglass Discounter or wear them as your new favorite accessory. Comfortable, fashionable and inexpensive, it’s hard not to fall in love with these frames!



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