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Silsoft Single Vial

Bausch & Lomb

Silsoft Single Vial


SilSoft contact lenses are special type of aphakic contact lenses meant for people who have undergone cataract surgery without the implantation of an intraocular lens (as in Aphakia). These SiliSoft contact lenses are manufactured by Bosch & Lomb, one of the leading optics and eye care brand, trusted for the effectiveness of its lenses and other eye care products. Made from high quality lens materials, this aphakic SilSoft contact lens is breathable, allowing oxygen to pass through it to the eye tissues. This effectively prevents eye dryness and eye irritation along with ensuring clearer, sharper vision with maximum comfort. Also, these SiliSoft lenses are designed as daily wear lenses that can be worn overnight as well.

  • Packaging: 1 lens per vial.
  • Annual Supply: 2 Vials (1 per eye)
  • Wear Schedule: Daily
  • Replacement: 1 year
{Please make sure to order 2 vials if your Right & Left eyes have different prescription or power. 1 vial per eye}

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