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Welcome to Eyeglass Discounter’s selection of new products! We’re constantly receiving new designer eyeglasses, as well as sunglasses, contacts and more. From oversized hipster frames to compact, rectangular options to aviator sunglasses and more, we’re always featuring the freshest, trendiest eyewear around!

At Eyeglass Discounter, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best eyewear for their needs, and offer a wide variety of lens options, including anti-reflective, progressive, astigmatic, bifocal, scratch-resistant and non-prescription lenses among others. Our discount eyeglass selection and designer frames inventory is the best on the web, and with so many new options available, why shop anywhere else?

Enjoy browsing the latest Prada designer eyeglasses for women, or checking out what new Kate Spade sunglasses we received. Pick and choose from prescription eyeglasses for men, including fantastic hipster pieces from Hugo Boss. Stunning eyewear in blue and purple “haze hues” from 2000 & Beyond is also available, or check out the amazing options from Dolce & Gabbana that just arrived. New finds from Burberry, Miyagi Eyewear, and Ray-Ban are available as well, allowing you to find the discount designer eyeglasses you need.

Whether looking for chic affordable sunglasses or eyeglasses, let Eyeglass Discounter be your one-stop shop. Shop by brand, by sale, opt for contacts only, or check out our men and women’s sections. We carry Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Tiffany & Co., Emporio Armani, and more designer options in addition to those listed above, making it easy to find the style and brand you want.

Why pay more for stylish eyewear? Check out our new selections and receive free shipping on orders $100 or over. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and are always ready to answer customer questions. Our mission is to make finding discount eyeglasses as seamless as possible, and while our options are inexpensive, they certainly aren’t cheap!